SCHEDULE (provisional)

Conference 17th May 2019 | True Stories | Beyond the Bubble


May 16th & 17th 2019 (incl. extra lecture at May 18th)





Doors open

Welcome with coffee & tea





Narrative Journalism Foundation shares their vision on this years conference. 

True Stories: Beyond the Bubble

Thomas Rueb


Journalist Thomas Rueb gives an insight on his creative process.


Cold Case Hammarskjöld

Mads Brügger


In this session, director and enfant terrible Mads Brügger talks about the process of creating his newest film “Cold Case Hammarskjöld”.


Coffee Break



Opgejaagd (Hunted), the podcast.

Jennifer Pettersson



 Jennifer will discuss her well-known Podcast Opgejaagd (Hunted).

Comics about Madness – anti-stigmatising madness with webcomics

Viivi Rintanen

Readers send her their real-life stories of madness, which she draws into webcomics.




Narrative Audio Documentary
Hana Walker Brown 


A session about groundbreaking and award-winning audio documentaries.

Television Series “Stuk” (“Broken”)
Jurjen Blick 


To truly earn the title of a narrative documentary series, the makers used diverse techniques from literature and fiction film.”


True Stories: Beyond the Bubble

To be announced



Global multi-media distribution

Richard Charkin 

How book publication can extend the life and reach of narrative journalism through global multi-media distribution and intensive focused marketing.


Discussion: In conversation with the other side

Marieke van der Velden & Marjolijn van Heemstra 



Are We Europe

Mick ter Reehorst
Kyrill Hartog
Marije Martens
Ties Gijzel


A Story Design Sprint at the
Edges of Europe


Voice of Witness

Mimi Lok & Mateo Hoke


About the risks and rewards of oral history in journalism, and the work of Voice of Witness in amplifying unheard voices.

In these times marked by protests, polarizing politics and prejudice, the power of the narrative is more apparent than ever. Storytelling can bring us together or drive us apart. The stories we tell might have the power to bridge the divide, but how?

At our 9th conference on narrative journalism, we join boundary-breaking makers from all over the globe, to examine how we can use our storytelling tools to effectively navigate a fragmented landscape of narrative bubbles. 
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