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Right now is the time to learn more about narrative journalism from inspiring journalists. Together with our speakers we have found other forms for the True Stories conference. View all inspiring podcasts, talks and online sessions below.

As soon as possible we will be sharing inspiring stories at an event where we can actually meet each other.

In the meantime, get inspired by our true stories online!

Podcast making - Andy Mills

FRIDAY 15 MAY 2020

How can talking in a “chipmunk voice” help to make a breathtaking, award winning podcast? Andy Mills, audio producer for the New York Times(works for the The Daily), shares strange and wonderful insights, and shameful mistakes, that led to the creation of Caliphate, winner of a Peabody award for best podcast. Listen here!

Photo by Philip Montgomery

How to write a journalistic bestseller? - Patrick Radden Keefe


We will soon be speaking to writer and journalist Patrick Radden Keefe about his award-winning book Say Nothing. How did he structure his book? We will also talk to him about the origins of the book and discuss the research in detail. How he spent months making overviews of scenes. And about how he constantly maintains the narrative momentum for the readers?

Photo by Jet van Gaal

Making, financing and publishing stories - Ilvy Njiokiktjien (in Dutch)

Soon we will speak to photographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien about her long-term project Born Free. During this conversation, Evelien Kunst and Njiokiktjien delve deeper into what it takes to create and publish a long-term story on your own. How do you structure the story, how does it become a whole and when is it finished? But we’re also going to talk about how you finance something like that and how you end up getting it published in so many different ways.

How to pitch a true story?

Whether you are a journalist writer, photographer or podcast maker, if you want to publish your story, you have to be able to pitch it well. We selected four experts for you who will help you refine your pitch skills. Check out all True Stories masterclasses below!

Photo by Jelmer de Haas

And the main question is... - Marcella van der Kruk (in Dutch)

FRIDAY 29 MAY 2020

What kind of idea for a story can make it into a book? Acquiring editor non-fiction Marcella van der Kruk explains this to you. Working for Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, she regularly speaks with journalists about book ideas and works closely with them for the elaboration. Better than anyone, she knows what is essential when pitching a book idea.

From podcast idea to pitch - Jair Stein (in Dutch)


Do you have a good idea for a podcast, but you don’t know how to get it on the radio? As editor at Radio Doc and creator of many narrative podcasts, including Plots and 1 Minuut, Jair Stein is the right person to explain this to you. Check out his pitch tips here!

Photo by Renate Beense

How to pitch a photo story? - Evelien Kunst (in Dutch)


Evelien Kunst has been working with photographers and photo editors from home and abroad for more than 20 years, including for World Press Photo and Noor Images. Thanks to her years of experience, she knows better than anyone how to get your photos published and start of collaborations. Check out all her pitch tips here!

About True Stories

True stories last: they sweep you of your feet, lift you up, or open your eyes. Would you like to learn how to tell true stories? The Narrative Journalism Foundation organizes an annual conference on narrative journalism: a day full of lectures, workshops and networking moments by inspiring journalists who tell you all about narrative journalism.

Previous conferences

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2019 – In these times marked by protests, polarizing politics and prejudice, the power of the narrative is more apparent than ever. Storytelling can bring us together or drive us apart. The stories we tell might have the power to bridge the divide, but how?

In the meantime

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